Reading of HITCH

Andrew will be reading the role of Lane in the new play Hitch by James McLindon with the Broad Horizons Theatre Company.

7:00 PM, Monday, July 15, 2019
Studio 2, Manhattan Theatre Club Rehearsal Studios
311 W. 43rd Street, 8th Floor


In Hitch, a white man in his 30’s named Lane picks up a teenage hitchhiker named Dee, and quickly discovers that all of his pre-conceived notions about this bi-racial young woman are wrong—as wrong as all of her pre-conceived notions about him. Yet, for all their differences, in both comic and poignant moments in their journey together, they discover some common ground as human beings facing tough personal situations: Lane is recovering from a devastating divorce and is at a loss as to how to be a good father to the daughter he left behind; Dee is running away from home where her mother’s latest boyfriend began pursuing her for sex. In revealing the truth about their lives to each other, Lane and Dee help each other see some options beyond running away.